If you want to do something for the environment and your household energy costs, you should look for the energy thieves. If you only look at the roof, facade, walls, floors and lamps, you will miss a lot of potential for optimisation – and this is often the case in the heating and sanitary industry.  Typically, a lot of heat is wasted and lost. However, if the hot water pipes are insulated, the energy loss in a house can be reduced by up to 80%.

DIY-enthusiasts will find the right solutions for all pipes and systems at NMC. With zip fasteners or self-adhesive options, they can install our insulation materials in no time at all.

Focus on the circular economy

By investing in new types of equipment and as a result of our own efforts and development work in the field of waste plastic processing, we are able, as a leading manufacturer, to significantly increase the proportion of recycled raw materials contained in the foam formulations of our insulations.

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