Our values

One of NMC’s declared goals is social, sustainable and environmentally responsible action. In the interest of future generations, socially responsible action is inextricably linked to environmental protection and sustainability. The topic of sustainability is part of our long-term strategy and is permanently implemented in the plants through concrete measures.
We converted our production already back in 1988 first to CFC-free and then to HCFC-free processes, thereby assuming a pioneering role in our industry.

NMC sees climate change mitigation as an ever-evolving process. That is why we are constantly working to further optimise our products and manufacturing processes. Our ambition is to achieve the maximum improvements in energy efficiency and to drive down CO2 emissions to the bare minimum.

Our commitments

  • Clean energy

    100 % of our electricity consumption comes from renewable sources. In addition, NMC Belgium has its own photovoltaic system, which covers 21 % of the site‘s electricity needs.

  • In-house recycling

    Thanks to our clever solutions, almost 100 % of our production waste is reused in a closed cycle.

  • 100% recyclable

    We manufacture our PE range exclusively from 100% recyclable and environmentally friendly plastic.

  • Water efficiency

    We work with closed water cycles to minimize our consumption and water pollution.

  • Carbon footprint

    By insulating your pipe system, you reduce CO2 emissions, save energy and give heating systems a longer lifespan.

    With CLIMATUBE easy 25 mm (Ø 18mm)
    Length of pipe: 25 m

    Heat loss reduction: 78%
    Saving of natural gas: 159,09 m3/year
    Saving in heating oil: 161,76 l/year
    CO2 reduction: 298,61 kg/year
    Feel free to use our Online Calculation Tool for your personal savings.

  • Green Team

    A Green Team was set up in Belgium in 2018 with the aim to engage the employees in sustainability practices.

    They form a team of environmental and social responsible employees, launching projects and initiatives to support NMC‘s global effort towards the sustainable development goals.

  • ISO 14001 environmental certification

    NMC pays the utmost attention to both the protection of the environment and the company’s ecological management system,
    which has been approved by LRQA to the ISO 14001:2015 standards.


    NMC is working with Operation “Zero Pellet Loss” to reduce pollution. This ranges from improved pellet management in our production plants to advanced measures to prevent loss of pellets, flakes and powder to the environment.

Production of climatube® zip, climatube® easy and climatube® basic

CLIMATUBE® zip, easy and basic certified by POLYCERT Europe

Recycling conserves natural resources and is a prerequisite for achieving climate change targets. That is why we are committed to promoting the circular economy.

CLIMATUBE® zip, CLIMATUBE® easy and CLIMATUBE® basic are fully recyclable and made from recycled materials.

The recycled content is currently 30% or more (and rising).

Trust is good. Control is better. That is why we have engaged an external and independent auditor (BQA/Polycert) to verify and certify the minimum 30% recycled content required for certification.

But we want to go further and are continually working to increase the amount of recycled material in our products.

Our joint contribution to the fight against climate change

The production of our CLIMATUBE® zip, easy and basic polyethylene pipe insulation helps to reduce plastic waste and conserve natural resources without compromising quality!

By insulating your pipe system with our products, you make an important contribution to environmental protection by saving fuel.

In this way, you too can reduce CO2 emissions, save money and at the same do your bit in the fight against global warming!